the life of

1950 – 2024

Our beloved partner, mother, sister, and friend
who departed peacefully from this world on Friday the 19th April.

~ a message from Joseph Cope Mann ~

It’s been a long journey over the last year with various diagnoses, and it wasn’t until the latter part that the conclusion was found to be cancer. Mum braved a rigorous chemo protocol which partially solved the problem, but alas unfortunately not fully. She came to acceptance within the time left and Denis and I, and many, so many people who loved and cherished her were able to visit and bring their gratitude for the life of this exquisite soul!

I asked if she felt complete and she said she did.

She passed away peacefully and calmly on the friday, 19.04.24 at 3:30pm in the Kyogle hospital. Denis was with her at the time and he describes a beautiful transition.

I just want to say “Thank you for being in this life mum, and for bringing me into the world. I love you forever through all space and time.”


Cape Byron Steiner School has agreed to hold Eleni’s Wake on sunday 5.5.24. (See flyer below).

This is a wonderful blessing considering that Eleni put so much of her time and heart into the space and the children there, and it’s a sense of a returning home to the heart space of the land and the school…. so thank you and bless you Cape Byron Steiner School.

Also a proposed rose garden in memorandum of Eleni has also graciously been accepted to be created at the school. Mum loved roses.

Please consider a donation to help with funeral expenses, thank you in advance. (Donation button below).

With the assistance of Halie from Paperbark Deathcare (Halie is amazing and also an ex steiner teacher, so it’s just flowing the way it was supposed to.) We will be arriving at 12:00 noon Sunday 5th of May to celebrate the life of Eleni mann. Please all feel welcome to come and bring your openness to see the beauty of the world through the unique eyes and mind of Eleni, bring some food to share and feel free to say something, and inspiration or some art … or just be present!

If you would like to leave a message or contact Joseph and Denis
you can post on the Facebook Event page here

Below is an 10 min slideshow of Eleni’s life and art.
Use the full screen button inside the player for best viewing!


~ Photographic Memories ~


An 11 min slideshow of Eleni’s Art


More photographic memories


A 3 min slideshow of some of Eleni’s work for children at the Steiner school


Donations towards the expenses of the funeral and wake would be much appreciated.
We are hoping to make some of her artworks available to friends and family.
(Donations are using her son Joseph’s Paypal account)