Links and Attributions of images used under Creative Commons Licences

Most of the images in the book ‘Understanding Sacred Geometry’ are either the authors own original work, or collages he has have made. Of those that are not his own work, many are licenced via purchases at Adobe Photo Stock or the now defunct Dollarphotoclub. Some older images used are in the public domain.

There are a few remaining images that have been sourced from Creative Commons under Attribution-Share-Alike licencing and they are displayed  here, each one linked to their source page, which is usually on Wikimedia Commons or Flickr. The purpose of the attribution-share-alike licence is to make it easy for everyone to continue to access and utilise these images. I apologise that there was not room in the self-published book to include proper references for these images, but in the back of the book it does clearly state that they can be found here on the website, and from here they can be accessed more easily

Thanks to all the people who created these images and made them available for our use!

If you believe I have used your image without permission please contact me and I will credit you or do what can be done to make amends (such as removing the image from the website and future editions of the book). I have been a collage artist for many years, and from considerable research I have learned that the use of low resolution images in collages is a grey area as far as copyright law is concerned.

Each thumbnail image below is linked to its source page where the author and licencing details are listed. Those I believe to be public domain are labelled PD. The rest are Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike.
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