By the end of October at the latest we will have a fully functional affiliate program here. My intention is that you can earn 50% of the profits on the sales of books either by ordering them wholesale, or simply sharing a customised link. I may also make it into a multilevel system.

Eventually there will be geometries for sale… Continue reading


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MY OTHER CREATIONS Sacred Geometry Web and Sacred Geometry Forum – Information, discussion, participation ~ Join your dot to all the other dots 🙂 ByronNow – What’s happening in Byron Bay NSW Australia –… Continue reading


Hi – Due to urgent travel, this page is still being set up.

All the images from my book ‘Understanding Sacred Geometry’ that have been sourced from Creative Commons under Attribution-Share-Alike licencing will be listed here, along with links to their source page. The purpose of this licence is to make it easy for everyone to access and utilise these… Continue reading

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Delegate Program
The Delegate Program is Nassim Haramein's course in Unified Physics. Six modules cover in depth information that is sure to change your World View! We highly recommend it to anyone wanting to go deeper into understanding where we are and how we got here from a new perspective. www.Resonance.isResonanceAcademy250
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