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Links related to the book Understanding Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry Web and Sacred Geometry Forum – Information, discussion, participation ~ Join your dot to all the other dots 🙂
ByronNow – What’s happening in Byron Bay NSW Australia – Music, inspirations, activism.
A New Science of Everything – Huge collection of information plus promotion of our talks.
Rewriting Prehistory – promo site for our book ‘Rewriting Prehistory with the Javanese Pyramid of Gunung Padang’.
Bird Tribes – my site about spirit, inspired by the book ‘Return of the Bird Tribes’ by Ken Carey
Narada Design – promo for my websites and sacred geometry inspired artworks, and more.

Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Foundation – Unified Field physics and alternative history
Here is the trailer for the movie about Haramein’s work ‘The Connected Universe’

Dan Winter – Fractal Field, Bio-Feedback, Golden Ratio Technologies
Foster Gamble – Thrivemovement, based on the great ‘Thrive‘ documentary that begins with Sacred Geometry.
Bethe Hagens – Earth Grid – Free overlay for Google Earth
Buckminster Fuller – Fuller Future, a good place to start
Jonathan Quintin – beautiful sacred geometry animations and and foundation information
Quantum Gravity Research Group‘ is mentioned a few times in the book as being the cutting edge of higher dimensional physics. Here is their very well produced promotional video for their work based on the symmetries of the 8 dimensional equivalent of the Isotropic Vector Matrix ~

Dr Gerald Pollack – the 4th state of water – Flower of Life patterns form spontaneously in clouds

Euclid the Game – a great way to learn the traditional geometric technique of solving problems using only a compass and straight edge.
Zonerings – Great screen saver and eye candy animation tool
Stella geometry software – used for many of the geometrical illustrations in Understanding Sacred Geometry.
Fractal Software – Fractint – Ultrafractal – Fractal Science Kit – Electric Sheep
3D Fractal Software – Mandelbulb

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